ECODOMO LLC has been transforming scraps of leather into a sustainable material suitable for Architects & Designers since 2005. 

The production of hide leather often involved a massive amount of water and the use of harmful chemicals during the tanning process. By using recycled leathers the demands for hide leathers is reducing and fewer leathers end up in landfills. 


As a member of the United States Green Building Council since 2005 EcoDomo products must exceed market expectations, significantly contribute to the environment and to the community.   EcoDomo is dedicated to raising sustainability awareness and have been leading the scene and keeping it green since 2005  by creating luxurious, functional, and elegant recycled leathers for interiors and continue to serve the world with quality leathers without harming the planet.


ECHELON  Collection  RLV 

Recycled Hide Leather is made from "natural" products which are completely renewable  within 5 year cycle.  Post Industrial Recycled Hide Leather (65%), Natural Rubber (20%) & Acacia Tree Bark

​The product is exceptional combination of elegance, sustainability and durability for walls, ceilings and furniture applications.    Group 3 Fire Classification AS/NZS 3837 Sheet size 1400mm x 1000mm x 3mm 


BEAUTICORK  Collection  

 Cork sheets are composed of 100% Post-Industrial recycled content from wine-stopper production.  Cork is resilient: Impermeable; Acoustical; Resistant to Abrasion & Fire

Group 3 Fire  Classification  AS/NZS 3837 Sheet Size 1186mm x 630mm x 3mm


PHOENIX  Collection 

Recycled Leather Belt Panels are made entirely with discarded and used Belts purchased from second had stores.   Leather Belts are measured and polished, cut to size, assembled  Horizontally or Vertically on panels by Artisians.